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Main areas of research

At the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute, we work on a wide range of topics relating to mobility and transport research. Currently, we are focusing our work on three main areas:

  1. Sustainable mobility and spatial development
  2. Intelligent transport systems
  3. Transforming and designing transport systems

Sustainable Mobility and Spatial Development

The focus area ‘Sustainable Mobility and Spatial Development’ deals with the reciprocal relationship between spatial structures, transportation and mobility. The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute adopts two approaches: On the one hand, we develop solutions that enable planners to develop sustainable mobility, create a basis for assessing transport systems and forecast traffic trends. From a social science perspective, on the other hand, we look at mobility in terms of its significance in people's everyday lives and for society, examine processes of change and assess their consequences.

At European level, the Institute primarily focuses on analysing and assessing transport infrastructures, developing environmentally friendly, inclusive and intelligent transport concepts and improving regional accessibility and participation for all people. This involves both large-scale transnational and small-scale cross-border projects.

At regional and local level, we are committed to specifically shaping sustainable mobility. We address issues relating to the financing and organization of traditional public transport as well as the development and introduction of alternative mobility services. These range from concepts for public services in rural areas to the restructuring and intelligent networking of public transport services and the promotion of cargo bikes in cities.

Regarding the relationship between spatial structures, transport and mobility, the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute provides consulting services and conducts research in various fields:

  • spatial structural developments and spatial disparities,
  • infrastructure assessments and impact assessments,
  • model-based accessibility analyses and traffic/transportation potential,
  • sustainable, intelligent and inclusive transportation concepts,
  • factors influencing mobility behaviour.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather is responsible for the research focus ‘Sustainable Mobility and Spatial Development’.